Let's face it whether you're a parent, teacher or just someone who generally works with children, we all know not one kid is alike and little minds sometimes need stimulating, even if it's a way to calm them down.

Studies have found in certain environments its better to take time out and have a fun break, that will not only focus the mind of the child when they come back to learning, but also allow others to not be hindered by disruption in the learning area.

This is where our range of Sensory Floor Stickers come in - Allowing a dedicated area or even a simple corridor to be converted into a fun activity walk, whilst also teaching numbers and letters through to simple instructions and movements like jumping, hopping and colour play.

Even if not used for what they are intended for as a learning aid, there great for brightening up your floor space.

Sensory Floor Sticker Kits

We offer a range of Sensory Floor Stickers supplied in a kit form, that are simple to apply to your corridors, halls or other indoor areas. These naturally have a start and end graphic that can be picked and then come with a mixture of other colourful graphics to complete your fun sensory pathways / walkways.…

Depending on how you lay your graphics down will determine the total area they will fill , but on average our kits are perfect for an area of around 2 metres x 10 metres.

Each of our Sensory Floor Sticker Kits can be purchased by clicking on one of the following links, where you will find more technical info and can see exactly what is included in each version.


Sensory Floor Sticker Kit (FLOWER GARDEN)


Sensory Floor Sticker Kit (SUNFLOWER)


Sensory Floor Sticker Kit (ROPE BRIDGE)


Sensory Floor Sticker Kit (RAINBOW)


Sensory Floor Sticker Kit (BEANSTALK)