Tiled, Laminate & Polished Flooring

Please insure that the floor is clean, dry and dust free.

Tools required : - Squeegee and Spray Bottle

Step (1) - Take your Spray Bottle and fill with warm water and just a small droplet of washing up liquid.

Step (2) - Locate the floor graphic in the position on the floor; making sure that the edges of the graphic don't finish along a tile edge or floor joint.

Step (3) - Once you are happy with the position of the graphic; lift the graphic up and set the spray bottle to a fine mist and lightly spray the floor (Do not saturate the area else graphic will not adhere).

Step (4) Turn the graphic over (face down) and begin to peel the backing paper from the graphic; peel it back roughly half of the way and again lightly spray the graphic (This should again just be a small amount of moisture to help key to the floor).

Step (5) - Turn the graphic back over and locate in position on the floor; but don't smooth it down just yet.

Step (6) - Take your squeegee and working from the centre of the graphic (where you have removed the backing paper from) make firm outward strokes; overlapping each stroke making sure not to trap any pockets of air (or applying to much pressure to scratch the graphic).

Step (7) - With the first half of the graphic applied to the floor. You can now begin to gently pull the backing paper from the other half of the graphic ensuring that the graphic does not touch the floor. Fold the graphic over but don't crease it; moisten the back of the graphic.

Step (8) - Fold the graphic back over and again; working from the centre use outward overlapping strokes as you did in Step 6 until the graphic is fully laid with no creases or pockets of air.

We recommend the graphic is not walked on for 8 - 12 hours so the adhesive can fully key to the floor area and is not cleaned with any WAX based polishes.